About you

How skilled do I need to be?

You will need some level of mountain biking experience. Our tours and holidays differ in the levels of technical ability and fitness required which is described in each tour/holiday.

How fit do I need to be?

We ride uphill and downhill – a reasonable level of fitness is required. The ascent and duration is listed in each/tour holiday, choose your activity based on the trail description and grade. 

Can you provide coaching?

Yes. We are happy to provide ‘on-the-fly’ coaching through the more technical parts of trail, if that is what you request. We will warn the group of challenging sections on the trail ahead. But to maintain the flow of your ride we will only provide coaching on request. 

How old do you need to be?

18 to 88! If you have the skill and fitness, age is no barrier! Under 18s must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

About your bike

What kind of bike should I ride?

If it is well maintained, any mountain bike will be fine, whether hardtail or full suspension. On some trails, you will have more fun on a full suspension and probably be more comfortable. But in most trails in the Gower and in Portugal a hard tail is sufficient.

What happens if I have a mechanical problem?

We are happy to help with punctures, broken chains and worn out brake pads. If you suffer a major mechanical breakdown, we will get you to the local bike shop as soon as possible.

Riding and guiding

What size group will I be riding in?

Typically, between 2 and 8 riders. We keep our groups to a maximum of 6 per guide. Our guides are all highly experienced and certified by British Cycling, MIAS or We are Cycling UK and mountain first-aid trained.

How long are your rides?

We match our rides to the experience and ability of the group through pre-booking consultation. We have a database of rides and we choose those most suited to the groups, the weather and ground conditions on the day. Our epic day rides such as the Gower Pro on a still, dry day might be up to 35 - 40 miles (55 to 65 km) and 7 hours. Lighter rides in the same conditions might be up to 15 miles (25 km) and 4 hours including rest stops and lunch.

What should I take with me on a ride?

A 2 or 3 litre hydration pack with:

  • 1 spare tube

  • appropriate clothing - we will send you an email before the tour based on the weather forecast) 

  • snacks of your choice (if in Portugal we recommend the local dried fruits and jam bricks. If in Wales we recommend Soreen)

  • cash for lunch

  • mobile phone

  • camera (optional)


Wearing a helmet is compulsory and gloves, sunglasses/eye protection are strongly recommended. If in Portugal we also strongly advise you take sun lotion (SPF50).  


How do I book?

Go to the Contact page,  send us an email,  check our tours and fill in the Booking form, or give us a ring.

How much deposit is needed?

  • If you book within 30 days of the tour date, we ask for a full non-refundable payment at the time of booking

  • If book more than 30 days prior to the tour date, we ask for a 30% non-refundable deposit at the time of booking

How do I pay?

Payment can be done via PayPal or by bank transfer.

When do I need to pay the balance?

The full balance is due 30 days before the commencement of your tour. You will be sent a reminder by email and the balance should then be settled via PayPal or bank transfer. If you book less than 30 days from the date of the tour, you will need to pay the full balance at time of booking.

If I need to cancel my booking, will I get a refund?

Please see our Terms and Conditions (below) for our cancellation policy.

What is included in the price?

Please refer to the page for each destination.

Riding Season

Do you ride in Portugal in the summer?

We are used to ride in Portugal in the hot summer months. But we don’t recommend it. In the summer, we rather ride in Wales. Portugal best riding season is from November to April - we avoid the crowds; the light is beautiful and seasonal fruit and wines are not to be missed. It is also a great escape from gloomy winter in North Europe. 

Do you ride in Wales in the winter?

We ride in Wales all year round, but during the cold, rainy dark Welsh winter we prefer to ride in Portugal. Wales best riding season is from May to October. We love riding in Wales when days are longer, bluebells are out, and the wild garlic spreads its unmissable smell. Summer can be great and early Autumn offers stunning colours of fallen leaves.