Why mountain biking in Wales?

Updated: May 18, 2020

  1. You don’t need to worry about the UV level.

  2. You can always find a natural trail or bridleway nearby.

  3. A variety of fantastic mountain bike centres with great facilities.

  4. The landscape is mind blowing with stunning sea views.

  5. The best coastal trails are here.

When we moved nine years ago to Swansea, we brought the essentials: our bicycles, and surfboards.

Mountain biking in the UK is big, and mountain biking in wales has firmly established itself as one of the best mountain bike destinations in the country. It just has it all: wild flowing single track, natural trails, purpose-built bike parks and downhill tracks. This country is for all tastes and riding levels, from gravel bike enthusiast to enduro mountain bikers.

Mountain biking near me?

Easy, finding a mountain bike trail was piece of cake around Swansea:

  • 5 minutes from home we had the Clyne Woods

  • 20 minutes pedalling and we are in the Gower Peninsula

  • 40 minutes by car we are either in Brechfa or in Afan Forest Park

It is difficult to beat this place.

Finding mates to ride was easy too. At Swansea University we were welcomed by like minded outdoor enthusiasts and made many friends who are now like family.

Facebook is an excellent way to find nearby riding groups and mountain bike clubs too. Andre joined the Mtb pigs, riding mainly in the Clyne Woods. Sara joined the MTB divas, who ride in the Afan Forest. Super welcoming groups, friendly and supportive.

Yes, it can be muddy and wet. So we got ourselves waterproofs: mountain bike shorts, mountain bike gloves and even waterproof socks. And yes, bikes need extra maintenance than in the dry trails in Portugal.

But mtb in Wales is worth it all: it is very alive, getting better, with more trails, bike centres and professional riders. Late spring, summer, and autumn are amazing seasons to ride in Wales.

But we will be honest, in the winter we prefer to ride in Portugal - we escape South, in search of dry trails.

We hope you can ESCAPE WITH US.

We would love to hear from you - get in touch.

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