14 days self-isolating: the day after

By now many people have gone through self-isolation for 14 days or many more. I hadn't; until now. Life, to be honest, is not that different - I work from home, and I don't do the shopping. But I do cycle.

I used to cycle every day to work, to visit friends, to go for coffee, or to the pub. Then over the weekend I would go mountain biking in trail centres and natural trails.

Recently I started organizing women social mtb rides. But not for the past month...

Now after 14 days without sitting on my bike saddle, I saw the world from my bike again - and it was good. It was better than good.

From the window of my bike, I saw a misty Autumn day:

fallen leaves;

the air - very still, foggy to be precise;

the ground - soft and creamy, just like chocolate mousse, slippery in brownish-yellow;

the smell - fresh, a fireplace in the distance;

the murmuring sea.

A world of sensations and sounds.

Two happy dogs jumping to a stream.

People walking.

Friends cycling.

Friends chatting, laughing.

So many stimuli.

So much necessary.

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