Mountain Biking holidays in Portugal

Ride in Portugal

Whatever you may have heard about Portugal, experiencing it on two wheels is much better. 

Five reasons to ride in Portugal

  1. Sunshine

  2. Dust trails

  3. Dry rock and roots

  4. Amazing food

  5. Castles, Nature, Landscape


The dates are flexible and the price varies with the number of riders and duration of your holidays. The maximum number of participants is 6. For larger groups please get in touch.

Mountain Bike tours Portugal

Arrabida Castles by the sea

A bit of the Mediterranean landscape unfolds in the middle of the Atlantic. Arrábida stunning coastal scenery is located just 46 km South of Lisbon international airport.

Mountain Bike tours Portugal

Serra d’Aire e Candeeiros

Just 100 km North of Lisbon this Natural Park has 2 mountain regions covering the biggest limestone area in Portugal. Follow the trails through the Way of St. James ...


Do you ride in Portugal in the summer?

We are used to ride in Portugal in the hot summer months. But we don’t recommend it. In the summer, we rather ride in Wales. Portugal best riding season is from November to April - we avoid the crowds; the light is beautiful and seasonal fruit and wines are not to be missed. It is also a great escape from gloomy winter in North Europe.